Benefits of E-Cigs over Regular Cigarettes

There are tons of benefits to e-cigarettes. Let’s start with your health. Just say, “No!” E-cigarettes have NO toxins and NO tar that regular cigarettes have. They don’t contain tobacco, so you still get the nicotine you crave without ingesting the chemicals and carcinogens produced by burning tobacco. You can also even control your nicotine intake with e-cigarettes.

Now let’s get gross. E-cigarettes are so much more socially acceptable and…well, less gross! With e-cigarettes, there is no smoke smell in your hair or house, or on your clothes or furniture. You may instead smell a more pleasant aroma, such as vanilla, strawberry or whatever scent you choose…and even that scent won’t linger. You also won’t have the yellow teeth or disgusting smoker’s breath that tobacco smoking can cause. And there is no secondhand smoke with e-cigs. There is just a water-based vapor that almost immediately disappears, so you won’t offend or kill off whoever you are hanging out with when you smoke. And, subsequently, there is the freedom to smoke almost anywhere because with e-cigarettes, you are not bothering anybody!

E-cigarettes are also more environmentally friendly than regular tobacco cigarettes. There are no butts to deal with so they are not hazardous to the environment and they won’t be starting any forest fires any time soon!

Finally, let’s address the money issue. After the initial investment, refills and e-liquids may only cost you 20% of what tobacco cigarettes cost, so they will definitely save you money in the long-run!