Best E-Cigarettes

No butts about it…the e-cigarette choices out there are voluminous and seem to be continuously growing. There are disposables, which are the easiest, yet least powerful; cig-a-likes, which offer a familiar look and feel; e-cigars, which are realistic in both look and taste; vape pens, refillable and satisfying and tend to appeal to heavy or intermediate smokers; vape mods are bigger and heavier, but more powerful and offer a warm throat hit; and box mods, the more compact version.

Like many things, the best e-cigarette is a matter of personal taste. For instance, if you are a light smoker, you may prefer a smaller device, such as a disposable cigarette or cig-a-like. Heavier smokers are most likely going to prefer something with a little more punch.

Here are some of the top brands, based on ease, vapor, flavor and overall similarity to tobacco cigarettes: Aspire tends to be the best overall.Blu is very realistic. Tsunami, is a great disposable. Halo has an innovative shape. Some of the other popular brands include Buck Naked, e-Leaf, Kangertech, Halo, Markten, Nicmaxx, Smok and Vuse.

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