Candles Create an Enchanting Ambience and Add a Welcome Sweetness to the Air

Candles are a pretty powerful lot. Not only can candles provide a soothing or romantic ambience, but they can add a delightful sweetness to the air. Candles lining the pathway to your door can make your home seem warm and inviting. Candles floating atop a pool can make your guests feel peaceful and calm. Aromatherapists use lavender and lemon balm scents from candles to create a sense of tranquility. Tiny white tea candles floating above a bistro table will, without a doubt, bestow a certain element of romance upon anyone who happens to take a seat.

Candles are also particularly useful for eliminating the smell of smoke if you happen to have a smoker in your house…or any unpleasant smell, for that matter. There are candles that waft pleasant perfumes of fragrant fruits like cherries, peaches and strawberries and those that mimic the sweet smells of delicious baked goods like cinnamon buns, chocolate cake and apple pie. Some even come in lovely containers or color assortments to complement your home.

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