Why E-Cigarettes Make Quitting Smoking Easier

It’s a new year. Why not fulfill your resolution to quit smoking? You may have tried before and failed, but now – with e-cigarettes – quitting smoking is easier for people than it ever was before.

An e-cigarette is a handheld electric device that simulates smoking. When you switch from smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes to an e-cigarette, it is very similar, so the transition is a smooth one…much smoother than quitting cold turkey, for instance.

E-cigarettes might not emit harmful smoke, but they can contain nicotine, so you get all you crave from a traditional tobacco cigarette without the smoke. No errant urges you have to fight off. No mood swings. No high anxiety.

Another great thing about e-cigarettes is that they are available for purchase in different strengths. The reason this is so great for folks who want to quit smoking is that…say you are a pack a day smoker. You could start out with a higher dose of nicotine, and then ween yourself back as it is comfortable for you.

Finally, there are some great flavors out there for e-cigarettes. You can go sweet with vanilla, fruity with cherry or spicy with cinnamon. Or, for all the purists out there, there are e-cigarette flavors than come amazingly close to the taste of many of the popular tobacco cigarette brands out there.

It’s common to have a bunch of questions about e-cigarettes before you begin your vaping journey. The friendly and knowledgeable sales associates at BeBe’s Tobacco Outlet can answer all your questions, as well as offer you a smokin’ hot array of e-cigarette selections and accessories.