How Incense Improves Your Mood and Calms Your Spirit

You don’t always need a full body massage, an hour-long sweaty workout or good news from your boss or significant other to improve your mood and calm your spirit (although that stuff certainly helps). Believe it or not, incense can help you put a positive spin on things and lighten the proverbial load.

Incense is herbal, so think of enjoying its scent as being similar to drinking a cup of chamomile tea to relax at bedtime. In fact, aromatic incense has had a profound influence on people throughout history. It is a valuable offering in the bible and, as the Greeks and Romans did in ancient times, our churches have adopted incense as an integral part of worship today. Native Americans also use incense in rituals and believe that burning certain herbs can have a purifying effect.

The olfactory sense possesses a very powerful connection to our memories and emotions. Subsequently, incense is thought to inspire a variety of moods, depending on the scent. For instance, sandalwood offers serenity. Lavender is often used to induce sleep since it is known as a stress reliever and has a calming effect on the mind and body. Chamomile inspires contentment. Pine melts away stress like a peaceful forest of evergreen. Jasmine is your mood booster, cinnamon heightens your energy and citrus scents such as lemongrass revitalize.

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