How to Keep Your Cigars Fresh

Everything’s better when it is fresh. Fresh foods are more flavorful and more nutritious; fresh eyes offer new perspective; and fresh breath makes lips more kissable. If you love a good cigar, you will want to keep those fresh too. Freshness makes cigar smoking infinitely more enjoyable.

Humidors, which maintain the integrity of cigars with ideal temperatures and humidity, may be the most well-known way to keep cigars at optimal freshness. However, how do you keep your cigars fresh if you don’t have an expensive humidor on which to rely? There are a few ways…

You shouldn’t count on a cigar box to keep cigars fresh past a few days. Some manufacturers package their cigars in individual sleeves. You can do the same for unwrapped cigars by wrapping them in plastic wrap if you are storing them for a short period of time. 

If you are storing cigars for longer periods, you may want to bump your storage methods upa level. You can simulate the environment of a humidor by placing your cigars in a sealed freezer bag or container. You also need to include a portion (half is good) of a moistened sponge within a partially open plastic sandwich bag. Store your make-shift humidor in a place that is kept at a stable 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You will want to use multiple bags or containers for multiple cigars to lessen the effect of opening and closing your airtight containers.

For larger quantities of cigars, consider storing them in a cooler using the moist sponge method. An entire sponge is better in this instance. For long-term use, remoisten the sponge regularly to maintain humidity; open your cooler once a month to circulate the air; and rotate your cigars so that each receives equal coddling. Make certain the cooler is clean. Just saying, because cigars are absorbent and you certainly don’t want to taste that last fish you caught or those salami sandwiches you last packed along with your premium tobacco!

If you have inadvertently slacked off in the cigar storage department, take heart. You may be able to nurse your cigar back to life. Slowly re-humidifying your cigar in either of the ways mentioned above can sometimes salvage your coveted smoke.