Learn about the Different Types of Rolling Papers

Looking for a place to get rolling papers that is quite a “hit”? Look no further! When it comes to tobacco related products, BeBe’s Tobacco Outlet is on a “roll”!

BeBe’s Tobacco Outlet, which has been providing high quality tobacco products since 2007, carries everything from rolling papers and blunt wraps, to premium cigars, to wooden, glass, metal or acrylic pipes, to regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes and e-liquids. There are tobaccos, dips and chews, ashtrays, candles, digital scales, exotic smoking accessories and so much more! BeBe’s Tobacco also houses the largest walk-in humidor in Highlands County, its inventory is enormous, and its prices are affordable.

But let’s talk about rolling papers. A good rolling paper can change the entire smoking experience, and each different type of rolling paper has its own unique characteristics. There are bleached rolling papers which contain chlorine or calcium carbonate to slow your burn or what they call brown papers without chemical treatments. Traditional rolling papers made from wood pulp have been around for over a century and are thicker and easier to handle, so they are great for beginners. More seasoned smokers may go for thin rice rolling papers which provide a slow burn and almost no aftertaste. Rolling papers made from hemp will go out less frequently than rice papers. There are even funky colored and flavored rolling papers.

Located in Sebring, BeBe’s Tobacco is known as “The Best in the Highlands” for tobacco products. Feel free to stop in our convenient location and browse through our wide array of rolling papers and other tobacco related products and accessories, or call us at 863-385-4476 if we can answer any questions.