Why People Are Switching to Odorless Vaping

We all know that tobacco smoking is bad for you…very bad. It causes soft, healthy lung tissue to harden
and turn black. It also causes asthma, emphysema, COPD, lung cancer and death. It can make you look
old, cause infertility, miscarriage and erectile dysfunction. It can even trigger vision loss, glaucoma and
macular degeneration.
Even though we know that living tobacco-free is far safer, some of us can’t seem to quit. Others just
simply enjoy smoking and don’t want to quit. Either way, switching to odorless vaping can provide
smokers with major benefits.
Vaping is definitely cleaner. There are no more filthy ashtrays with odorless vaping. It can save you a ton
of money. Additionally, vaping leaves no smell on your clothes, in your hair, house or car. All good!
Odorless vaping is also healthier than tobacco smoking. The University of Catonia conducted a study
that said 25% of odorless vapor smokers quit tobacco smoking and 50% were able to cut their tobacco
use in half! Studies also indicate that vaping can even help to reduce chronic cough caused by tobacco
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