Most Popular E-Cigarette Flavors

Some of the most popular e-cigarette flavors are “Marlboro,” “Clove,” and for those who have a hard time choosing there is always the variety pack. Other popular e-cigarette cartridge flavors include “Menthol Ice,” “Cherry Crush,” “Mocha Mist,” “Pina Colada,” “Passion Fruit,” “Fresh Mint” and so many more they are too numerous to name!

If you are a vaping connoisseur, you can choose from a wide range of e-juice flavors from menthol to sweet, fruity blends. Some of the most popular flavors of e-juices are a caramel/vanilla blend, chocolate, cherry, cinnamon and grape. There are also a host of interesting flavors you might want to consider, including “Mother’s Milk” by Suicide Bunny – which tastes like creamy strawberry custard and “Model Tea” made by The Sauce LA. This one is a peach/dragon fruit mix with a green tea base. If you are a cereal fan, try “Churrios” by The Milkman, which tastes like Cheerios in milk or “Looper” by ANML which taste like Fruit Loops. For those who like dessert, try “Muffin Man” by One Hit Wonder or “Cinnamon Roll” by Mt. Baker Vapor. “Grandmaster” is a yummy mix of peanut butter and banana and “Thug Juice” is a grape, watermelon, menthol blend. The lists goes on and on.

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