How Scented Candles Can Enhance Your Mood

When someone on the street we don’t even know smiles at us, it can make us feel a little lighter. When we get a massage, we leave feeling relaxed. And when we have plans to do something really fun, we are filled with anticipation. So many things can enhance our mood. Did you know that scented candles can also do the trick?

Scented candles can enhance the mood in your house and workplace. Think about it. You rush home to make dinner and when you walk into your house, you smell the soft scent of lavender. If you are like many people, a sense of calm will wash over you.  Or you enter your workplace thinking of all the tasks that are going to bombard you and, instead of the smell stale donuts and that terrible perfume your officemate wears, you smell the fresh scent of spring rain. Ok, you think, maybe today won’t be so bad.

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