Smoking an E-Cigarette Is Perfect On Road Trips

Road trip!!!! Gotta love ‘em! Going on a road trip is always a blast! I remember being bored and then just piling a bunch of good friends into someone’s car and going someplace fun or just driving around with no intentions at all. Road trips are also great for families. You get to spend some great, quality time together and see interesting parts of the country or visit great attractions. Road trips can also be very romantic. Take your sweetie on some beautiful long winding roads until you reach a parklike setting and settle in for a romantic picnic. Or put the top down and cruise down the highway with the stars for a ceiling on a warm summer night.

There is just nothing better than a good road trip, but dealing with traditional cigarettes in a long car trip (even a short car trip, for that matter) can be less than ideal. Vehicles can offer a pretty small space, and it is always a good rule of thumb to try to respect everyone’s space on a road trip. It’s also always a good idea to try to avoid smoking traditional cigarettes around your family and friends. We always want to keep the ones we love safe and happy, and second-hand smoke doesn’t make anyone safe OR happy. Finally, nobody likes their date to blow smoke in their face…not really romantic.

The solution is simple – opt for an e-cigarette whenever you take a road trip. Heck, it’s healthier for you too, and your vehicle will smell a whole lot better as well!

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