Taking a Look at E-cigarette Regulations in Florida

Ok so, here’s a burning question – or more aptly put – a vaping question… “What are the e-cigarette regulations – if any – in Florida?”

Any product that can produce vapor from a nicotine product is considered a nicotine dispensing device. These include e-cigarettes, as well as e-cigars, e-cigarillos and e-pipes, which are all subject to certain regulations in Florida. Any replacement cartridges for these devices are also subject to state regulation.

Most of the e-cigarette state regulations apply to minors. For instance, the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under 18 years of age is prohibited in Florida. Possession of e-cigarettes by minors is prohibited. Additionally, self-service display areas, such as vending machines, that provide access to those under the age of 18 are prohibited in Florida.

In Florida, e-cigarettes are also prohibited in courthouses and within 50 feet of the entrance of a courthouse. They are prohibited in any place of employment of a firefighter, and in licensed out-of-home caregivers’ homes and vehicles in the presence of children.

Vaping is proven to help kick the tobacco smoking habit, and although it is too early to determine the precise health risks of e-cigarettes, they are healthier than traditional cigarettes. So, if you have opted to vape, vape to your heart’s content. Just vape wisely and according to Florida regulations.