The History of Cigars

Although the history of cigars is largely undocumented, it is suspected that the cigar was first invented by the ancient Mayans. The Mayans, who were thought to wrap tobacco in palm or plantation leaves to assemble their cigars, also depicted cigar smoking men in their art. 

Many years later, Christopher Columbus and his crew were the first Westerners to encounter tobacco, which was introduced to them by the natives on a small Bohemian island. By the time cigar smoking had caught on in Italy and its surrounds, Spain had perfected the art of wrapping dried tobacco within specialized manufactured paper. Although the kings of Spain and England denounced cigar smoking, it didn’t seem to deter the masses. The demand for cigars increased, and tobacco began to be grown for commercial consumption.

While most of the cigar manufacturing for Europe took place in Spain, it wasn’t long before an important discovery was made. Folks found that the climate in Cuba produced the ideal growing conditions for some tasty tobacco. Hence, the world’s famous Cuban cigars!

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