The Importance of Cigar Aging

Age is just a number…or is it? Actors age out of good movie rolls, workers age out of their corporate positions and our favorite pastimes of surfing and softball morph into golf and soduko. As we age, our bodies begin that snowballing descent into a malicious mix of decalcification and macular degeneration. And as our grandparents before us, we recite the list of names in our family tree until we reach the one belonging to the grandchild in front of us. Yet, age can be a magnificent thing, bestowing upon us the wisdom we could have used decades ago. Age is also a truly phenomenal and incredibly necessary element when it comes to cigars.

Aging is important…pretty much crucial for a premium cigar – much like that of aging fine wine. Cigars are made up of organic material that breathes, ferments and consistently changes over time. Proper aging of a cigar will diminish harshness, elicit a better balance of flavor and give you a better burn. While all cigars can benefit from proper aging, the stronger blends benefit more from a longer aging process than the milder cigars, which can actually become too mellow with too much time.

So, how does aging make a good cigar a better one? Much the same as young wines can be too tannic, cigars change with time – mellowing and evolving into a subtle complexity fashioned by the melding of the particular tobacco blends from which they were crafted.

However, cigar preference can be as subjective as your favorite color. So, if you would like help determining which cigar would be best for you, BeBe’s Tobacco Outlet has all the answers to your burning questions!