The Perfect Cigar

With cigars, there is not always a direct correlation between price and quality. A number of factors contribute to high price, none of which have to do with taste…all of which have to do with the market. Price can be affected by scarcity of certain tobaccos, where the cigar is made, high profit margins, taxes, government regulations, promotional costs and more.

What does contribute to the overall enjoyment of a cigar is the cigar’s construction, strength, draw and burn. Some even go so far as to say complexity and balance, but the most important factor is taste. Flavor is mostly about the blend and the length of time the tobacco has aged. External conditions, such as room temperature, humidity, accompanying beverage, the time of day, even the meal you enjoyed prior to your cigar, can also affect taste. Even after you find your perfect blend, remember that palates can change over time, so you may yet again get to enjoy the quest for the perfect cigar.

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So, as Pink Floyd would say, “Have a cigar.”