E Cigarettes

What Type of E-Cigarettes Is Best for You?

There’s a big world out there filled with e-cigarette options. Do you know which is best for you?

Disposable e-cigarettes are the easiest, yet least powerful. You don’t recharge them. The idea is that you just throw these away when they lose their flavor. They are compact, highly portable, ready to use right out of the package and they offer all of the advantages of electronic cigarettes, such as no tobacco smoke, no flame, no ash and no stink. Some of the best disposables in 2017 include the White Cloud “Fling” which promises a good throat hit, nicotine satisfaction and vapor production. The Fling design is a good one too – lightweight and feels like a traditional cigarette. Green Smoke is a good brand if you want to try before you buy because it is a perfect replication of its starter kit.

Cig-a-likes offer a familiar look and feel. These are refillable or disposable and preferred by most tobacco smokers because of their similarity to conventional tobacco cigarettes. They even have an ash-like tip that lights up red when activated. They do, however, need to be refilled and recharged more frequently than larger models, such as eGo.

There are E-cigars that are realistic in both look and taste; refillable vape pens that tend to appeal to heavy or intermediate smokers; vape mods, which are bigger and heavier, but more powerful and offer a warm throat hit; and box mods – the more compact version.

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