What Are the Vaping Bans in Florida

If you are interested in what is allowed by law as it applies to vaping, well, here goes…

Florida banned smoking in workplaces over 15 years ago. This past November’s ballot included an amendment to also ban electronic cigarettes in public places.  This amendment needed at least 60% voter approval to pass, and it did. So now, neither traditional cigarette smoking, nor vaping is lawful in public places including workplaces, malls, movie theaters and restaurants, etc.

Also, as of January 2018, federal vaping laws for minors forbid anyone younger than 18 years of age from purchasing or using any vaping device or product, including e-cigarettes, electronic vaporizers and e-juices.

Lately, authorities are also coming down hard on businesses that sell e-products. They are enforcing the fact that IDs are required to purchase e-products and ensuring that there are no kiosks or displays within reach of minors. Plus, flavors or any vaping devices or products that may appeal more to minors are under heavy scrutiny now.

However, many of us feel that e-cigarettes have their place if they are purchased and distributed lawfully. Although the health risks associated with e-products have not been fully determined, research indicates that they are less of a health risk than traditional tobacco smoking; and they can also aid in smoking cessation.