Vaping at Parties Is All the Rave in Florida

Ok, so you are invited to a great party, but it is an indoor event and you are a regular smoker, you are trying to quit or you just like to enjoy a cigarette when you have a drink. You realize that smoking isn’t always a real acceptable trait. In fact, in some places, smokers have basically become pariahs, so you are worried about offending people if you smoke. What do you do? Vape!

Vaping at parties is all the rave in Florida now, and it’s become popular for several good reasons. When you vape instead of smoke traditional tobacco, the biggest plus for those around you (who most likely do not want to be exposed to smoke) is that you no longer expel smoke. When you vape, you only exhale steam with no odor.

With vaping, there is no bad smoky smell, so your hair will smell as fresh as when you got out of the shower and your clothes will smell as fresh as when you put them on.

You also don’t have to keep trying to figure out where you are going to put out your cigarette when you vape. You can just toss a vape pen back in your pocket instead of having to bother your busy host with a request for an ashtray or creating a mess for your host with a dirty ashtray or cigarette butts in their yard.

Plus, if there is no smoking allowed inside the party, who wants to be the one who constantly has to go outside to smoke and miss all the fun? When you vape instead of smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes at a party, the host will thank you, all of the guests will thank you, and you will be happy too. It’s a win-win-win situation!