What Is a Clearomiser?

The clearomiser is the section of e-cigarette where e-liquid is stored and converted into vapor. The way it works is simple. The clearomiser is made up of four parts: the cartridge, which holds the e-liquid; , the wick, which absorbs the liquid; the coil, which heats to liquid to convert it to vapor; and, finally, the mouthpiece, through which vapor is inhaled. What happens is that the e-liquid is absorbed through the wick and delivered to the coil. When the battery is activated, the coil heats the e-liquid. Once the liquid is heated, it turns into vapor. And all that is left to do is inhale.

Refilling is simple too. Just unscrew the mouthpiece and fill the clearomiser with e-liquid. The only caution is that you don’t want to get the e-liquid in the central tube or you can get poor vapor production and flavor. A handy tip to avoid that mess is to just tilt the cartridge against the side of the clearomiser when filling – easy, peasy. The window will show you exactly where you are in the filling process, so that there is no danger of overfilling. Then, simply screw the clearomiser onto the battery and wait a few minutes for your liquid to settle. That’s it!

You’ll probably want to change your clearomiser after about ten refills for optimal efficiency and flavor; and, if you enjoy multiple flavors, it is best to use a different clearomiser for each – to keep flavors true. For more information or products, visit BeBe’s Tobacco Outlet in Sebring, “The Best in the Highlands.”