What Is a Humidor?

If you have ever endured time in Florida during the summer, you know all about humidity, but do you know how it affects cigars? Too much or too little humidity can be harmful to tobacco products. A storage atmosphere that is too dry can leave you with a dry, shriveled cigar that has lost much of its flavor and aroma. Dry cigars also burn too hot, resulting in a less than enjoyable smoke. Higher humidity levels can lead to mold and rot, so you need a happy medium when it comes to any cigar that is stored for two weeks or longer.

Temperature and light can also affect cigars. Cigars should be kept at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit – with 60-72 being a good range. And, here’s something you probably don’t even want to know…higher temperatures and higher than ideal humidity can create an ideal condition for cigar beetle eggs to hatch. I’m with you on that one – ewe! 

A humidor is an air tight box or room in which the humidity and temperature remain optimal for storing cigars, pipe tobacco and cigarettes. Aside from protection against unsteady atmospheric conditions, a humidor can also protect tobacco products from sunlight, which can facilitate deterioration.

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