Why Our Nag Champa Incense Is So Popular

The evergreen plant from which the champa flower emanates is considered sacred in India where it fervently blooms. Although the original formula remains in the hands of the ancient Buddhists and Hindu monasteries, ingredients typically added to the champa flower to create the sacred essence of nag champa incense include sandalwood, black pepper, cinnamon and Halmaddi – which is a type of resin.

Okay, so let’s get to the good stuff. Nag champa professes an amazing host of benefits…

Revered for its calming powers, nag champa is used in temples and other places of worship. Its aroma lingers as does its desired effects. The enchanting smell of nag champa is also an excellent aromatherapy to relax nerves and reduce stress. Nag champa improves our focus as well. By helping us to relax and allowing distracting thoughts to simply fade away, we can more easily focus on the tasks at hand.

Got a child with that stinky soccer sock smell in his or her room or maybe your mother-in-law on her way while the smell of last night’s fish dinner hangs in the air? Don’t worry! This delightful smelling incense can also be used as a room freshener, as its heavy, persistent scent can overpower any unwanted stench.

In addition, Sandalwood, which is a main ingredient of nag champa incense, is a natural aphrodisiac appealing to both men and women. Nag champa incense is also a wonderfully exotic gift that will trump gifting commercial perfumes every time! 

Whatever your pleasure or intended use of nag champa incense, feel free to visit BeBe’s Tobacco Outlet in Sebring for yours.